Mining for Beginners

1. I am new to mining. What do I need to start mining?

First of all, you will need specialized hardware (ASIC miner) or video cards (GPU) in combination with supported mining software (see section 2).

Keep in mind that your ASIC/GPU/CPU miners should support the cryptocurrency algorithm that you want to mine.

If you do not own any ASIC or GPU miners, then start your research here: Mining hardware comparison of ASIC or GPU

2. Required software

Below mentioned software packages are compatible with a majority of miners and can be connected to HashLoft‘s pool:

Any additional mining software used to control ASICs, GPUs, or CPUs should function properly with HashLoft but has not been explicitly tested by HashLoft.  Any mining software that is working with cryptocurrency algorithms supported by HashLoft should work with the HashLoft mining pool.

HashLoft is always improving the capabilities and supported cryptocurrency algorithms of the HashLoft mining pool.  If there is a specific cryptocurrency coin that you would like HashLoft to support, please contact us directly.

3. Expected reward

You can use the online calculator, available on the HashLoft’s home page, to determine how much you can make with your mining hardware. Just choose your desired cryptocurrency coin and insert your hash rate and you will see an approximate reward.

4. Connecting your ASIC/GPU miner to the pool

Once your ASIC/GPU miner has been delivered and you install the ed required software please continue with following article regarding your miner setup and connecting it to our pool:

Getting started

5. How do I find my Cryptocurrency Wallet address?

HashLoft Pool is NOT operating as a Bitcoin or any other Cryptocurrency wallet. Therefore it is not possible to generate your payout address at the HashLoft pool site. However, there are plenty of Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrency wallet providers like,,,, and others where you can easily create your own wallet.

Once you have generated a wallet address for your desired Cryptocurrency (e.g BTC, LTC, etc) go to the HashLoft Wallets page and set it as your payout address.  The following instructions below will guide you through the HashLoft payout configuration process:

The Wallet section allows you to configure multiple wallet addresses for payout, set coin for payout, set payout proportions, and/or withdraw currently mined coins in their present currency without any exchange. To define a wallet address for a specific cryptocurrency, click on the “Define New Payout Wallet” button, select the desired cryptocurrency coin, input your wallet address, and set the desired payout proportions. After all settings have been verified, press the “Save” button.

Further questions?

Do you have more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.